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Examples of picture framing in Anchorage, AK

Trusted experts in art restoration in Anchorage, AK

For all your art restoration needs, you can trust Arti-Circle

Is that painting dark or is it dirty? We can bring those colors back to life. You can trust our art restoration experts with the delicate task of restoring valuable artworks, as well as repairing damaged pictures or broken frames. So if you have a yellowed painting or a broken, faded frame, don't think that all is lost! Instead, come into our Anchorage, AK store and let us see if we can restore or repair the item for you. We always communicate what we may be able to achieve with our work, so that you can decide if the outcome will meet your needs and specifications
Art restoration of frame displayed in Anchorage, AK

Art restoration

At Anchorage's Arti-Circle, we provide expert art restoration services for your every need. Since we opened over 30 years ago, we've restored yellowed paintings, dirtied pictures and faded images. With our professional art restoration skills, we can often enhance the beauty of a piece of art, and perhaps make it even more valuable. 

 Art repairs

At Arti-Circle, we know how devastating it can be to have a beloved piece of art be damaged. Whether there is a scratch on a painting or a picture was torn during a move, even the smallest imperfection can mar the look of your artwork. That's why we provide expert art repair options in Anchorage. We carefully work on your paintings and prints, doing our best to fix the damage and leave no trace of it behind. We want to ensure that these  items will be able to hang proudly on your walls once again!

Frame repairs

At Arti-Circle, we understand that art restoration is only one step in making pictures look good once more. After all, frames can be worn down or damaged as well. That's why we work to repair and restore frames, using materials that are chosen with quality, durability and aesthetics in mind.

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